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A Word from the Executive Director/Treasurer

The African story in America is like a beautiful quilt; a tapestry made of many colors and shades enhanced by unique textures and beautiful patterns. Each section of that quilt tells the world just how we got over and how we continue to survive and thrive against tremendous odds. I am so very pleased and honored to serve as Executive Director and Treasurer of this 100-year-old theological, spiritual and educational masterpiece called the Hampton University Ministers' Conference. For one-hundred years, Hampton University has been and continues be the home of this pastoral and ministerial wonder; it is a phenomenon! The University family is committed to the ministry of investing in the lives of clergy men and women. Our CENTENNIAL year is an exciting, momentous and none-the-less historical milestone in the life of Hampton University and the ministerial community at-large.

Interdenominational and intergenerational, we stand together as brothers and sisters in Christ to advance the divine agenda of the Kingdom of God, to promote the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to serve the diverse Body of Christ. Truly, we are celebrating and honoring our past as we anticipate and rejoice in our future. Appropriately, congratulations are extended to the Choir Directors' and Organists' Guild Workshop as they celebrate 80 years of worshiping our God through music while rendering beautiful service to the entire Conference community. From my heart as always, I am grateful for your support and worshipful enthusiasm. Excitedly, I look forward to meeting and greeting each of you during the week of June 1-6, 2014. Happy 100th Anniversary HUMC!

Debra L. Haggins, University Chaplain
Executive Director and Treasurer
Hampton University Ministers' Conference
Organists' and Choir Directors' Guild

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